Cadii Bags


The Revolutionary Cadii School Bags

Cadii school bags are South Africa's trusted carry cases, That was designed to last a lifetime while saving you money. It was designed with you and the wellbeing of the kids or students in mind. The students love Cadii school bags because they are very easy to drag around.

This revolutionary school bag can also be used as a seat while kids are waiting for transport or just for the fun of it, They can also be used as a mini desk when doing their homework. Additionally, the storage capacity inside is so big that it can fit all books, sports kits and shoes, for your convenience we have fitted a complimentary lunch box to match your new Cadii school bag.

If your kids carry too many books to school, or if as a parent you are tired of replacing schoolbags every year, Then this is your time to turn things around by buying the all-new Cadii school bag at competitive prices.